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“Clandestine” by Kennedy and Rosentrater

01 Feb 2010

written by Valso

“Clandestine” by Kennedy and Rosentrater

Clandestine, directed by Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater

Based on previews, we expected a technically and intellectually riveting film.  It was – and by the overused “riveting” we mean it will capture your attention completely. As Cinequest describes it: “Clandestine (is) a virtuosic mini-masterpiece about family and identity.”  It sentimentally reminds us that, for-better-or-worse, the days of Fleming and Ludlum were victims of the end of the Cold War (although not necessarily in reality) .  But this is not just a documentary – it is an examination of deceit and “ciphering” in familial communications as well as international espionage, of apathy and adultery, that will likely hit any reasonably self-reflecting husband and father hard and unexpectedly.  We look forward to its screening in Mobile.

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