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Hey, Have You Heard Holli Mosley?

10 Dec 2010

written by OldLadyHayes

Hey, Have You Heard Holli Mosley?

I am straying a bit out of my comfort zone here, Mod Mobilians. I’ve always loved rock and roll. But like many of us that grew up in the South, we know our country roots. I love really good, honest country music. Nothing too slick or overproduced or I can’t handle it. I think that is why I like Mobile’s Holli Mosley so very much. This girl has a set of pipes on her you wouldn’t believe. It is so refreshing just to hear someone just sing. Auto tune and slick production tricks can make anyone famous it seems, but when someone has honest to goodness talent and can knock your socks off in the back yard at a BBQ or in front of thousands of people, that is talent.

This past year, Holli has been gaining a lot of momentum. She was runner up in Wind Creek Casinos “Sing Your Way To 100k” event and a short time later, was asked to open for Blake Shelton at the Casino. More recently, she has been recording at FAME studios which is no stranger to hosting Mobile musicians (Ugli Stick). Last week, Holli was in Atlanta competing for a chance to perform on CMT as part of a promotion for the new film “Country Strong” that hits theaters January 7th. Holli had to perform a song from the film acapella.  So there is only one questions left . . .

Hey, Have you heard Holli Mosely? Holli Mosley

Old Lady Hayes  : Holli, for folks that are hearing about you for the first time, give them a little background on who you are and what you do.

Holli Mosley  : My name is Holli Mosley and I am a country singer from Mobile, Al. I started singing and performing at a very young age. My mother tells everyone that I was humming every Reba Mcentire song before I could even talk.

OLH : This past year has been pretty busy for you. Seems like you just picked up more steam with your career after the Wind Creek Casino Contest.

HM : This past year has been my biggest year yet. I was in the 21 week long “Sing your way to $100k” contest at the Wind Creek casino. It started with over 1,500 people and with the support of my amazing family and friends, I made it to the top 2. Even though I didn’t win, it was an amazing learning experience for me and it gets even better.On the final night, I was discovered by Rodney Hall, president of FAME recording studios and publishing company in Muscle Shoals. He has given me the opportunity of a lifetime.

OLH  : Are you working with original material or have they selected some songs for you?

HM : I am writing with songwriters and we are working on a demo with original songs to pitch to a major label.

OLH : That is a bit of a drive, from Muscle Shoals to Mobile. Do you plan to move up there or just keep making the commute?

HM : I just recently got an apartment up there so I can be there to work more. This entire year has been a crazy, beautiful whirlwind and I wouldn’t change one moment of it.

OLH : How do you stay sane with such a hectic schedule! Mine is nothing like yours and sometimes I start to slip to crazy land !

HM : Honestly, I cant answer that !  All I can say is I just do. This is my life and this is what I do. I could never imagine my life without my music. I would be lost. It is so wonderful to have a supportive husband who loves everything about what I do and great friends and family.

OLH : Recently, you became a finalist in CMT’s “Country Strong” Challenge. Tell us a little bit about that.

HM : Auditionswere held in 16 different cities across the U.S. and I am one of the 16 finalist.

The video will of my performance will be posted online at beginning December 10.  Online voting on is scheduled to begin at 12 PM (EST) on December 10. Voting ends at 12 PM (EST) on December 16.  The person with the most online votes during that time period wins a VIP trip to Nashville, a chance to record in the CMT studios, a meeting with a Sony Music Executive and an appearance on CMT.

And you can vote more than once!


So, head on over to the website and VOTE !  To add to Holli’s busy schedule, she will be appearing on the Mod Mobilian Birthday show this coming Monday, December 11th. Swing by Island Thyme at 7 to be a part of the festivities and meet Mobile’s fastest rising star.

Holli Mosley performing at Wind Creek Casino

Stay up to date with Holli via her Facebook Page –

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