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Hey, Have You Heard Morris Minor?

10 Feb 2011

written by OldLadyHayes

Hey, Have You Heard Morris Minor?
Joey and Greg // Morris Minor

Morris Minor has long been one of my all time favorite bands in Mobile. And might I add I have always been impressed by leftys. Anywho- recently I was invited to sit in on Morris Minor rehearsal. They put on a great show this past Saturday at the Blind Mule where they played a super new jam; a song that I like to think that I help to write. Ok. Let’s be honest. I didn’t do jack to help write that song but play “heart and soul” on an abandoned keyboard after the great pepper spray incident at Callaghans. For those that don’t know, someone accidentally set off pepper spray and Callaghans emptied out faster than a moonshine shack with the feds coming up the drive. I got a nice little inside look, behind the scenes if you will, of how a band operates. You know, with debates on cell phone carriers, screwy neighbourhoods and what kind of talk radio they prefer. Today, Mod Mobilian and Old Lady Hayes beg the question – Hey, Have You Heard Morris Minor?

Greg Nobles

Old Lady Hayes – For those who don’t know, how long has Morris Minor been playing some of the best original music in the port city?
Joey Waits (drummer extraordinare) – Morris Minor formed around 2000 with various lineups, the constant being me and Greg Nobles.

OLH – How does a band keep it’s relevancy in an ever-evolving music scene?

JW - I think staying relevant means not limiting yourself as a band as to what type of music you can do.If you listen to a Morris Minor song from 2002 and then compare it with a newer song like “Life Is So Strange” they are completely different styles but still sound like Morris Minor. We just do what we like and if people dig it fine, if not then oh well.we don’t cater to trends musically.

OLH – Well, obviously folks dig it because MM has been able to keep going since 2000. What are the upcoming plans for Morris Minor? I hear a record is in the works . . .

JWWe want to finish our long-in-the-works new record, expand our touring a bit and release new singles via itunes as we write them.

OLH – For folks that didn’t catch the show at The Blind Mule, where can they see y’all soon?

JW – The Chilli Cookoff on the  12th, WSRE Pensacola’s “Studio Amped” concert series tv show taping on Feb. 18th (the show will air at a later date but it will be live on TK101 as we tape it).

OLH – Sweet! I’ve always enjoyed y’all playing live so I am glad that a television series is going to catch the magic, if you will. Speaking of the live shows, there was the great pepper spray incident at Callaghans a few months back which helped in creating a brand new Morris Minor jam. Tell us a little bit about that.

JW -It’s called “Year Of The Comeback”. Dan came up with the main riff after you and he noodled on ‘Heart and Soul’ that night.We expanded it from there into the song it is now. It will hopefully get recorded very soon.

Dan Nobles


And there you have it my Mod Mobilians! Morris Minor and their plans for world domination. Stay plugged into Mod Mobilian for all upcoming news on release dates and tours for Morris Minor and don’t forget, you can catch them doing a very special acoustic set at the next Mod Mobilian show at Ultra Lounge on February 16th as we kick off Pardi Gras!
Until next time, Stay Gold!

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