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Mobile Derby Darlings – The Shower Interview

18 Mar 2011

written by Valso

Mobile Derby Darlings – The Shower Interview


Taylor interviews the new Mobile roller derby team … the Mobile Derby Darlings.  In the shower.

6 Comments on Mobile Derby Darlings – The Shower Interview

  1. William

    So is this a squad of Torpedo Bay Roller Girls or is it a whole new team?

  2. Valso

    It is a new team

  3. midtown

    Go Mobile Derby Darlins!

  4. William


    Thanks. From this it wasn’t clear to me which was the case. In Richmond, VA they have one team (River City Roller Girls) with two squads (Uncivil Warriors and Poe’s Punishers).

  5. Derby Fan

    Wow…. everyone seems a little unsure of everything!

  6. StaticX

    Thanks for the clarification! We, Mobile’s Derby Darlings, are a separate entity from the other team that used to play in the City of Mobile. There is another team in the county, but we are a brand new team, formed in January 2011. Myself and a couple of other members formerly played with the other team. We have roughly 33 consistent members now and are about to step it up!! We are working really hard to show the athleticism in roller derby and not so much of the talk about bloody rinks and hurting people. Yes, that will happen, its derby! But we want to step out of the box and be classy, and positive and supportive of our community and all of the tri state derby leagues showing US support. Now, I can’t say I don’t anticipate the feeling of taking out another chic on the rink..hehehe..but all in good fun! ….operation “Trojan Horse” 😉

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