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Alabama / Southeast Record Label “This Is American Music” (Interview)

22 Sep 2011

written by Valso

Alabama / Southeast Record Label “This Is American Music” (Interview)


TIAM Artists include:  Vulture Whale, 13ghosts, Lauderdale, Bohannons, Ghost Shirt, The Only Sons, Roger Bryan and the Orphans, Kent Goolsby, Joey Kneiser, Kelley Kneiser, Magnolia Mountain, National Grain 

We asked Corey Flegel about the record label This Is American Music:

For the past 3-4 years (when my schedule allowed it) I’ve traveled around with the band Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN.  Over these years I became really good friends with a lot of the other bands in whatever scene this is that we were all involved in– The Dexateens and all of their band members’ other bands, Vulture Whale, The Only Sons, Duquette Johnston, and The Bohannons, just to name a few. 

During endless van rides on Glossary’s “Life’s A Beach Tour” a year ago, it dawned on me that it was time to move forward with this basic idea that was simply to just create a hub-blog for our group of friends.  So, after some day-drinking, brain storming in a random bar in Savannah before a Glossary show, Todd Beene said, “Why don’t you call it This Is American Music?”, since it was the name he gave this rolling rock-and-roll revue tour that Glossary, The Drams, Two Cow Garage, and Grand Champeen went on a few years back. 
So, we (Nick Nichols and Daniel Tribble) started a blog, got hired to run press for a few folks, and we were off…and about one week after we went live, we got a call from two different bands we loved basically asking/telling us to put out the record. We were all honored and perplexed.  Between the end of 2010 when we first went live, we pitched this digital/boutique label idea to a lot of our friends who were basically putting their records out on Bandcamp and pretty much what you see on our site right now is what’s happened since 5/9/11, when we went TIAM v 2.0. 

We just really want to provide yet another outlet for the bands we love and hold their hands while doing it.  Helping with basically anything and everything that they may need along the way: marketing, touring, legal, song licensing and placement, and most importantly where to eat the best bbq along the way…

And their team is spread across the Southeast: Corey Flegel – Atlanta, Daniel Tribble – Auburn, Nick Nichols – Chattanooga, Jay Cooper – Atlanta, Sean Courtney – Mississippi, Chris Murray –  Little Rock.



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