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Southern Art & Music Awards: Louisiana Music

14 Nov 2011

written by Valso

Southern Art & Music Awards:  Louisiana Music


Preface: Do you know how many Southern artists were on the NPR listener’s poll for top 100 albums of 2010? Three (and all of those were from Atlanta). We at Mod Mobilian firmly believe that the South has some of the best bands in the country – but most get little attention nationally. So we, along with writers from across the Southeast, have created the Southern (Modern) Art & Music Awards. The point is to draw attention to musicians in the Deep South – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and North Florida. The results will be a combination of public polls and votes from Southern music writers

Best Album & Song – Louisiana

Galactic: The Other Side of Midnight (album); “Heart of Steel” (song)

Generationals: Actor-Caster (album); “Ten Twenty Ten”
Generational’s Actor-Caster on Spotify

Givers: In Light (album); “Meantime” (single)
Givers’ In Light on Spotify

Mutemath: Odd Soul (album); “Allies” (song)
Mutemath’s Odd Soul on Spotify

Sun Hotel: Gifts (album); “Alchemy” (song)

Trombone Shorty: For True (album); “Do To Me” (song)
Trombone Shorty’s Do To Me on Spotify

Empress Hotel: “Bells Ring” (song)

Feufollet/Brass Bed: “Bums on the Radio” (song)

Giant Cloud: “Strange Peaches” (song)
Giant Cloud’s “Strange Peaches” on Spotify

Kindest Lines: “Baltimore” (song)


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