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2011 Southern Art & Music Award (Moddys) Winners

01 Jan 2012

written by Valso

2011 Southern Art & Music Award (Moddys) Winners


With over 1000 votes from New Orleans to Birmingham you gave recognition to the South’s artists and musicians with the 2011 Southern Art & Music awards.

The Moddys were awarded by averaging our readers’ poll with our writers’ poll which was submitted by journalists and bloggers from around the South.

Old 27 Grill Award: Best Song – Alabama = Alabama Shakes, “I Found You”
This song off the Shakes debut EP narrowly edged out competitors in public polling.

Optera Creative Award: Best Album – Alabama = Delicate Cutters, Some Creatures
While the writers’ poll was divided among several great albums, Birmingham’s Delicate Cutters won the public poll.

Best Album – Louisiana = (tie) Givers – In Light; Mutemath – Odd Soul
The public poll was a tie between Givers’ first album and Mutemath’s latest.

Best Song – Louisiana = Sun Hotel, “Alchemy”
Sun Hotel’s single “Alchemy” off their EP Gifts took both the public and writers polls.

Best Album – Georgia = Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math
Manchester Orchestra edged out the competition in the public poll.

Best Song – Georgia = Black Lips “Family Tree”
The Black Lips “Family Tree” dominated the public poll.

Patches Lounge Award: Best Song – Mobile Bay = Ryan Balthrop, “Way Down Low”
While the writers’ poll was evenly divided, Ryan Balthrop’s song off his self-titled album narrowly beat out Kurt Wielkens Band and El Cantador in public polling.

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club Award: Best Album – Mobile Bay = El Cantador, Fools For Light
El Cantador’s Fools for Light, which showed a new direction for the band, was strong in both the writers’ and readers’ polls.

Parrish Walker Realty Award: Best New Band – Alabama = Banditos

Soul Kitchen Award: Best New Band – Mobile Bay = Underhill Family Orchestra

These special awards are given by Mod Mobilian editors to bands who released their first albums in 2011.

Bienville Books Award: Best Book – Mobile Bay = Carolyn Haines, “Bones of a Feather”
Although she was competing against a National Book Award winner, Haines dominated both the readers’ and writers’ polls.


SoAl Film Festival Award: Best Feature Film – Alabama = “Man in the Glass, the Dale Brown Story”
The documentary on Dale Brown by Birmingham’s Patrick Sheehan dominated the writers’ poll.

Ashland Gallery Award: Best Short Film – Mobile Bay = “Jobless”
Jobless edged out the competition on the public poll.

Serda’s Coffee Award: Best Feature Film – Mobile Bay = “The Night Shift”
Fighting Owl Films’ locally made fantasy dominated the public polling.

OK Bicycle Shop Award: Best Scramble Film – Mobile Bay = “Woo: A Zombie Love Story”
Scotty White and Stupid Mop Studio’s incredible write-in campaign led us to create an award for best scramble film.

Centre for Living Arts Award: King of Mobile (Mod Mobilian of the Year) = John Nodar

WKRG meteorologist, and general community supporter, John Nodar was named Mod Mobilian of the Year.


Thanks to all who voted. Pay attention to local, state, and regional albums, films, and books throughout 2012 as we will be doing it again.

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