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2012-2013 Southern Music Roundtable

16 Jan 2013

written by OldLadyHayes

2012-2013 Southern Music Roundtable


Recently, yours truly had the awesome opportunity to sit down with some fine folks and discuss the year in southern music. You’ve heard me say it before, and you will hear my say it again, I love the south’s music scene. It is rich and diverse. ┬áThe fine musicians of the south keeps us entertained all year long.

So we at Mod Mobilian, with the help of JT (Callaghans), Lawrence Specker ( / Press-Register Bay Weekend), Maggie Smith (Soul Kitchen) and Katy Stembridge (lover of music and fellas with good hair) are proud to present to you an overview of 2012 and our artists to watch for 2013. Take a gander at it, it’s really nice.



And remember – the most amazing thing you can do for any of these artists and the ones that you believe in is to go out and see them play. Buy their merch. Buy them a shot. Hug them. And in some cases, scream that you want to have their babies while they are playing. Someone on this panel did…




-Old Lady Hayes


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