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AURA Festival Day 1

17 Feb 2013

written by Croma


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AURA Music Festival

Day 1

Aura festival hit full swing yesterday once RAQ hit the stage. The progressive rock quartet left everything out on the stage for the eager fans to lap up as they awaited the night’s headliners.

Aura Festival Campgrounds

Break Science surprised the Aura crowd with a heavily distorted dubstep influenced set of completely new music. The band has made a definitive shift in their music style when compared to their previous output. This shift was a perfect set up for their tour mates Conspirator, who has also made friends with the dubstep genre.

“Having live instruments definitely does tend to add more organic sounds to electronic music…there is more interplay going on,” says Borahm Lee of Break Science.


Conspirator dropped tracks from their album Unleashed like an animal truly breaking out of its cage and going on a rampage across the countryside. The band was an unrelenting force, constantly challenging the audience to dance harder and faster to the up-tempo beats.

Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove played their first of two sets for the weekend, arguably stealing the evening. Each show leading up to the hiatus is a special celebration of the band and its fans. Lasers from the stage lit up the Spanish moss hanging from the live oak trees, transforming the entire stage area.

Perpetual Groove

“Everyone’s leaving it on the book I think. You’re not concerned whether or not anyone’s ever going to come back because this is it. Everyone is full throttle…we want to make it count, because this is the last time we are doing this,” said bassist Adam Perry of Perpetual Groove.

Crowd at Amphitheater stage

Spirit of Suwannee is full of lush forests, and as a result a camper can throw up a hammock pretty much anywhere. Many fans could be seen at the Amphitheater stage bundled up inside a hammock to watch the show. The cold weather clearly cannot deter music lovers from getting their fix.

Music at Aura fest continues on until 4 a.m., and is sometimes carried into the campsites. A few campers with instruments bumped into each other on the grounds and formed an impromptu jam session as they walked through the campgrounds. The shows are not overly crowded and virtually anyone could make their way to the front if they are dedicated enough.

Silent Disco at the Porch Stage

The late night silent disco is a unique treat. Unlike many larger festivals, this experience is offered free of charge. An audience member is given a set of wireless headphones with a channel switch. The instruments onstage are largely digital, and friday and saturday feature a different lineup of late night artists.

Simultaneous sets by Tony D and Vlad the Inhaler

There are actually two separate bands playing simultaneously on the same stage; one simply flicks the channel switch to change concerts. From a distance the Silent Disco is confusing to onlookers, as the crowd of people dance to apparent silence.

Merch Tent

There are also several high quality vendors offering clothing, blankets, tapestries, stones, artwork, fossils, carvings, and many more products. Most are willing to negotiate or make trades for products. Some products are unique and cannot be found at the average store.

Stay tuned for more social media updates, exclusive interviews, and concert videos.

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