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Fairhope Film Festival Announces 2013 Selections

28 Sep 2013

written by Mailer-Daemon

Inaugural Fairhope Film Festival Kicks Off In November

We are very excited to announce the film selections for the 2013 Fairhope Film Festival!


Below, we’ve divided our Feature Film selections into Documentary and Narrative categories.

Click on each film’s title to watch trailers and learn additional film information. 


America’s Amazon
Bayou Maharajah
Bones Brigade
Bury the Hatchet
Contradictions of Fair Hope
Eye on the Sixties
Go Grandriders
Good Ol’ Freda
Her Master’s Voice
Hollywood Hair
Love & Other Anxieties
Our Nixon
Persistence of Vision
Remote Area Medical
Stories We Tell
The World Before Her


7 Boxes
A Hijacking
A Royal Affair
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty
Clandestine Childhood
Ginger & Rosa
In the House
Last I Heard
Prairie Love
Short Term 12
Shun Li & The Poet
Swim Little Fish Swim
Teddy Bear
The Angels’ Share
The Jewish Cardinal
The Sapphires
The Spectacular Now
War Witch
Wasteland (The Rise)



We are delighted to announce the 2013 Short Film selections for the Fairhope Film Festival.  The short films are divided into four major categories: Animated, Drama/Narrative, Documentary, and Alabama Shorts.  Each shorts category will be shown in one screening.


Butterflies (16 mins)

“The diagnosis is conclusive – Patrick has butterflies in his stomach.”

Dr. Breakfast (7 mins)

A comedy in which Dr. Breakfast’s soul exits his body, going on a rampage. Two deer take care of him.

Irish Folk Furniture (9 mins)

An animated documentary about repair and recycling in an Irish village.

Night of the Bear (22 mins)

One night in this Swiss fantasy a generous bear takes care of the city’s disenfranchised animals.

The Making of Longbird (15 mins)

The attempts of a young animator as he tries to revive a “legendary” animated character.

To This Day (8 mins)

An internet collaborative project to speak out against bullying.


Buttons on the Ground (15 mins)

A child sees the world as it really is…magical.

Curfew (19 mins)

At his lowest point, Richie is asked to look after his nine-year old niece.

Death of Toys (12 mins)

A mother resists her ten-year-old son’s efforts to give up toys.

Ellen is Leaving (15 mins)

As she departs Australia, Ellen makes the decision to gift her boyfriend a new girlfriend.

Misterio (12 mins)

“They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk.”

Sailcloth (18 mins)

John Hurt plays an elder absconding from a nursing home, ready for his last great journey.



Catnip Egress to Oblivion (7 mins)

Is the feline’s drug of choice harmless kicks or a real addiction?

Good Karma $1 (14 mins)

A lesson of generosity stems from a fascination with collecting homeless signs.

Notes on Blindness: Rainfall (4 mins)

The first in a series dramatizing excerpts from John Hull’s diaries, an insight of his journey into blindness.

Reindeer (4 mins)

An autumn twilight journey to the Lappish wilderness to experience reindeer herding.

Slomo (15 mins)

A documentary about life, philosophy, and slow-rollerblading.

This is Normal (22 mins)

Three stories: successful U.S. businessman; mother in rural Zambia; African well digger. Each are looking for a new life and find it through a hand-drilled water well.



Cahaba River (14 mins)

Alabama residents share their memories and connections to the Cahaba River.

Dead Man’s Number (15 mins)

An edgy film noir taken from an actual dream.

Visitor to Virgin Pines (13 mins)

Just before Christmas, a middle-aged man visits the mother he doesn’t know. The secrets they trade may be the secret to forgiveness.

World Fair (25 mins)

New York’s 1939 World Fair illustrated through news stories and oral histories.


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