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2013 Mobile Bay Art & Music Award Winners!!

30 Dec 2013

written by Mod Mobilian

2013 MODDYs:  Best Art Show

2013 MODDYs:  Best Art Show


2013 Mobile Bay Art & Music Award Winners


Thank you to everyone who voted in the Mobile Bay Art & Music Awards (AKA the MODDYs).

We are proud to say that well over 1000 people voted with over 500 votes in both Mobile Bay & Alabama album categories and over 100 votes in all categories (except art – pay attention at ArtWalk and remember your favorite shows this year people!!).

That is A LOT of people paying attention to local art, music, film & books!

Our goal is to have even more people pay attention in 2014! That means ALL of you!

All our nominees were excellent and – since hopefully some new people got exposed to their work – they are all winners.

To account for the fact that much of our readership is in Lower Alabama we named an overall Alabama Album of the Year as well as North Alabama and Mobile Bay / South Alabama Albums of the Year (the latter of which was a tie).


Alabama Album of the Year:

The Mulligan Brothers – The Mulligan Brothers




North Alabama Album of the Year:

The Bear – Overseas Then Under




Mobile Bay Album of the Year: TIE

Willie Sugarcapps – Willie SugarcappsĀ 


Regenerates – Bad Dreams


Mobile Bay Feature Film of the Year:

Sons of Liberty (Mudbrick Media; Dir: Drew Hall)

A special operations unit known only as the SOL must assemble a team of brilliant scientist to find and prevent the construction of a devastating micro nuclear device created by a group of rogue mercenaries whose political beliefs blur the line between terrorists and revolutionaries.

Mobile Bay Documentary of the Year:

Mobile in Black & White (Dir: Robert Gray)

Documentary film project on race relations in Mobile, AL.

Mobile Bay Short Film of the Year:

The Dreamers (Prestige Worldwide; Dir: Stuart Sox, Melody Brickhouse, Erin Weninegar, Steven Spears, Dylan Glass)

Mobile Bay Book of the Year:

Vernon Fowlkes, Jr. – The Sound of Falling



Mobile Bay Individual Art Show of the Year:

Lucy Gafford – “Home” (Mobile Arts Council)



Mobile Bay Group Art Show of the Year: TIE

“Skateboard Art Show” – Spire

skateboard spire


“Ten-by-Ten” – Mobile Arts Council





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