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Review: Green Jellÿ

29 Mar 2014

written by Croma


Review: Green Jellÿ

Text, Photos & Video by Tim Borland

As one can tell from the video above, Green Jellÿ at the Alabama Music Box was quite an experience. The stage was packed with groupies and fans wearing duck tape masks. Lead singer and ringmaster Bill Manspeaker wielded his minions under his control with his eviscerated baritone wail and black leather strap boots.


The show was designed around audience participation. The band’s helpers frequently jumped offstage to sprint into the nearest person, inciting a moshpit. Occasionally a group member would take off their mask and offer it to an audience member, saying “This is for you!” Many accepted the dare and joined in the fun.


In between songs, Manspeaker cracked jokes about Elmo, Kurt Cobain, and Layne Staley. The frontman is probably speaking from experience. Green Jellÿ was formed in 1981, so it is quite possible he bumped into the latter 90s grunge musicians. Many are already aware that Maynard James Keenan from progressive rock band Tool collaborated with the band.


The evening was unfortunately cut short due to curfew. The tour included an incredible 4 openers, so time ran out quickly. Manspeaker stayed to sign autographs and meet fans, promising to make a swift return to Mobile in the future.



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