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Temporal City 2014 Announced! Final Year

27 Mar 2014

written by Mailer-Daemon


The Rumor Union presents:

Temporal City Festival 2014
To be held April 10, 11, & 12th,
on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Temple, 351 St Francis Street

This year Temporal City Festival is turning within. When you are constantly trying to change your surroundings- looking to carve out a place for yourself- battling situ and station alike, it is easy to lose yourself in the effort to find space. Everyone wants to make a mark, but less often do we reflect on what drives the hand. Everyone wants a place to call home, but desire has a way of pinning happiness on some distant target in constant motion.

This year’s festival addresses personal identity. It excavates the inner world that shapes and limits our perception, and it endeavors to locate a space parallel, and profoundly instructive to the spaces we inhabit. Join us as we journey into the various performances of identity. It is a path that can only take you to either a deeper clarity, or complete oblivion…

This is our fourth and final year of Temporal City, set in the long neglected catacombs of the Temple’s upper floors, entrance on Claiborne, Downtown. The festival will open Thursday evening, April 10th and run until Saturday April 12th. Admission is by donation and taken at your own risk. For more information visit or search #occupywithart.

an example of a single installation from a previous year’s Temporal City:


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