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GFTR Food Truck Locations… & Commentary: SHUT UP, GO DOWNTOWN AND EAT!

30 May 2014

written by Valso



Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race – Mobile Truck Locations

Let There Be Bacon: “Bacon-inspired dishes”. ” Let There Be Bacon is sponsoring the 2014 Iron “Skillet” Bowl this weekend. War Eagle or Roll Tide? Mobile decides!”
Saturday 5/31: LoDa Bier Garten (251 Dauphin St.) (Noon until)
Sunday 6/1: TBD (check back here)

Lone Star Chuckwagon: “BBQ, Tex-Mex, and much more.”
Saturday 5/31:  Hayley’s (278 Dauphin) (Noon until)
Sunday 6/1: USS Alabama (Noon-4pm); Hayley’s (4pm until)

The Middle Feast: “Middle Eastern dishes.”
Saturday 5/31: The Brickyard (266 Dauphin) (Noon until)
Sunday 6/1: TBD (check back here)


And now… The Commentary:



We were thrilled when The Middle Feast contacted us for advice.  We warned them that Downtown might be slow on an “off” summer weekend – but that their presence could be an event in and of itself that would draw people Downtown.

The people of Mobile would support their city and show up downtown to show the whole world what a fun, food-loving city Mobile is, right?


Plus where else would they go – the corner of Airport & Schillinger?  The ugliest intersection in Mobile if not the United States of America?  Vapid strip malls and chain stores – is that what we want on national TV representing Mobile?

We were heartened when we asked on our facebook page – where should they go and 80% of people said Downtown. We were intrigued the next day when did a poll on where they should go (hmmm… good idea guys 😉 ).   With some social media prompting by good folks like Mike Dumas, Downtown came out on top.

And then, inevitably, the online comments started…

They should avoid Mobile and go on to Gulf Shores or Pensacola near the marina. In Mobile, they will get robbed.

$8 bucks for Nacho’s? Good luck with that !

Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t let them get robbed or worse while they’re here! This will make national TV!

OK – fine.  Whatever. No one reads the comments except locals to secretly and guiltily get a laugh at its trolls. But instead of thinking “what a great, friendly city this is” they are probably thinking “what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?”

But then…

When Middle Feast posted on their facebook page that they would be Downtown “unbelievably” the comments came – not on a local website – but on the social media page of people travelling across the country for a national TV show:

Why are y’all all going downtown? Nobody is down there during the day!

Downtown is dead!!! Go elsewhere….West Mobile on Sunday or large Baptist church such as Dauphin way Baptist.

I hope you don’t get flooded out! Downtown floods when it rains and Mobile is under a flash flood warning!

Why on earth did they pick downtown? I wouldn’t be surprised if some politician advised downtown to try and get people down there.

Don’t know who convinced you to do downtown, but it’s a big mistake.

This isn’t New Orleans!

Downtown wont be very good on a weekend, the best location would be where the higher earners shop at, which results in heavy traffic which is in West Mobile at the intersection of Airport and Schillinger Road.

What is wrong with people around here???

Suggest WeMo if you want – but no need to rip on Downtown or the city as a whole while you are doing it. If you feel Mobile is so awful then message them privately and don’t shoot the city in the foot for a national audience – it’s not rocket science.

To reiterate – our concern is not that other locations outside of LoDa were suggested – we would love to see them in Midtown, the Flea Market etc. And we understand its is likely they will be there, in Spring Hill etc. on Sunday

Our problem that many Mobilians publicly slam our city & its Downtown to a national audience instead of supporting it (and many others say the same things privately). We did not even include all or the worst of the negative comments that were posted.

You get a national food show showcasing your city – common sense is you don’t try to convince them to park in front of freaking Hobby Lobby or Wal Mart or anywhere else on Airport where people are either doing 60mph or stuck in traffic.  As the kids say, “Really?”

Regardless of vehicular traffic (which is irrelevant anyway – how many of those people are really going to stop?), they should go where the most unique and interesting part of the city is – which is Downtown.  And if they go Downtown then don’t complain – get your butt off your couch and go down there and show the country how much fun Mobile is and how we love good food.  Think of what is good for your city FOR ONCE.

Otherwise do us all a favor and shut your traps.

Let’s get Downtown on Saturday and Sunday and show the country what Mobile can be.


Ed. Note: We have tried – Lord knows we have tried – to speak only in positive terms.  Especially since Rev. Goode called out Mobile “bloggers” for promulgating “negativity.”  But sometimes we have to fight back against the negative nancies in our community.  And we have to wonder if only Mobile could turn a food truck race into a social conflict.







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