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Preview: STS9 @ Waka 2014

31 May 2014

written by Croma


STS9 @ Wakarusa 2014

Video, Text, and Photos by Tim Borland


This summer, regional act Sound Tribe Sector 9 will be making a return to Wakarusa in Mulberry Mountain, Ark. The band will be playing two sets during the weekend, and are repeat performers of the festival. Fans can expect dancing, colorful lights, chest vibrating bass, and a collage of beautiful sounds.


Below is exclusive live video footage of the band performing Wakarusa 2013 with the original lineup that included David Murphy on bass. The rain storms that were so prevalent during last year’s Wakarusa cut the set short, which had begun strong with tracks like “Kamuy,” “Circus,” “Arigato,” and “Golden Gate.” The short eight song set became their only performance of the weekend as their late night set the following day was completely canceled. Provided the weather remains lightning-free this year, fans can expect excellent full length performances from the popular festival act.

The upcoming summer appearances will be some of the first festival appearances by STS9 post the departure of Murphy from the lineup. Alana Rocklin began performing as the band’s new bassist in March 2014. Despite the sad news of Murph’s departure, there are certain to be many fans appearing to support the band’s decision to continue.


STS9 will be performing on Thursday June 5 from 10:30 p.m. – 12:15 a.m., and Friday June 6 from 7:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Unlike previous years, the band will perform both sets on the Budweiser main stage. In previous years, the band would schedule a late night performance in one of the more intimate tent stages. While some may miss the change in scenery, the added benefit is that every attendee will be able to experience the live performance with plenty of space to dance and a great view no matter where one is in the crowd.


For those who may not yet be introduced to STS9’s music, one can expect an emotional blend of organic and electronic instrumental music. Outside of the occasional vocal sample, the music is devoid of lyrics partially in order to allow audience member’s their own interpretation of the songs. The band utilizes technology like Ableton Live alongside midi pads and their own physical instruments to seamlessly record, layer, and mix their music live for the crowd.


Many fans will be attending just to discover what new direction the remaining band members decide to take. STS9 is always a big main stage draw at Wakarusa, and that is not likely to change at this year’s incarnation. The Mod Crew will be on hand this summer to document this new chapter in the band’s history at Wakarusa 2014.



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