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Late to the Alpha Phi Rush Party

18 Aug 2015

written by Danielle Juzan

This is the final article written for Mod Mobilian by our late beloved colleague Danielle Juzan.

About thirty-five years late. I haven’t weighed in on the Alpha Phi viral recruitment video until now, because frankly my elderly skin is too thin to take the inevitable “You’re just jealous because you’re old/fat/ugly!!” hailstorm that is sure to follow. (Comments are invited below.) But what the hell, here are my thoughts.

1) It’s fascinating that basically we have folks on the left criticizing a video of a bunch of scantily-clad blondes bouncing around and blowing glitter, while the right characterizes it as innocent girlish fun. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? This one stumped me until I realized that, since the right is more comfortable with traditional roles for women, and one of those roles, at least in Western culture, is “sex kitten,” naturally they have no problem here.

2) Where the heck were the grownups in all this? At this point even the University administration has come down on the “bad idea, ladies” side, so can we agree that this particular video is not giving a positive impression of Greek life? I am reminded of all the flap two years ago when another UA sorority rush adviser was accused of cutting a black recruit.  That didn’t look so great, either. Maybe these young women should divert some of the production budget to a professional PR consultant.

3) As lots of commenters have pointed out, this is hardly the only sorority recruitment video out there showing girls flipping their hair and fooling around. In fact, the Alpha Phi chapter at LSU did one that looks like it followed the same script, but with entirely different results. Take a look for yourself. Here’s LSU. When they blow their glitter and kisses and bubbles, these pretty girls seem to be saying, “Hey, future gal pals! Luv ya!! Hi Gramma, I’m having so much fun at college!”

And here’s UA.

Here the pretty girls are saying something a little different, more along the lines of “Hey, big boy. Got a lollipop for me?” Just goes to show you how important camera work, skillful editing, and choice of talent are to creating your brand!

alpha phi

I have lots of friends and family that were, or are, in sororities (and fraternities). I know all the good, valuable stuff they can provide for life both in college and afterwards. I don’t even want to mention the “diversity” issue, cause we heard enough about that two years ago, and because these are private organizations (albeit getting help from the University for their housing). And hey look, there’s Kenyan Drake!

But for the sake of the image of the University of Alabama, can we please exercise a little better judgement next year? Roll Tide.




Lucia Hicks

I hope all that glitter is biodegradable.

Do you think the frats look at the rush videos to scan for hotties they might have overlooked? Too much T & A, and indeed all to many look like they know how to suck on a lollipop. As you said, so much depends on filming.

Many moons ago, we had older ladies who served as advisors. Surely they still do? Alpha Phi’s advisor should have nixed this unless the sorority really does intend to promote their image as scantily clad, mostly-blonde, nubile to the point of anorexic bimbos with thigh gap. Girls who never carry books to class, never sit down in a study room, never eat in a dining hall…things that really do go on in the life of a sorority girl.

I was a sorority girl back in the Stone Age and loved so many aspects of sorority life. My least favorite part was Rush, which was pretty hyped up even if we were more clothed. We still had ice water teas, but I remember the hustle from both sides, being rushed and rushing. Would I do it again? Probably if I were at a big school, but I’d be looking for a fake medical reason not to participate in rush.

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