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Local Artist Spotlight: Katrina Kiefer

14 Aug 2015

written by Croma


Local Artist Spotlight: Katrina Kiefer

by Tim Borland

Firehouse Wine Bar & Shop is currently hosting  an exciting photography collection by local artist Katrina Kiefer. Patrons can choose from over 150 varieties of wine to sip on as they explore the assemblage of images arranged with above the long wine racks of the independently owned bar. While Kiefer originally hails from Berkeley, Calif. and Charlottesville, Va., she relocated to downtown Mobile three years ago and has quickly become an influential part of the Azalea City‘s creative community by providing interesting work for display in area businesses.


The collection is a series of life portraits, capturing candid moments with various people. Scenes like a person walking a dog, a performer preparing in a mirror for the stage, a fire dancer, and a burlesque performance are just a few of the vivid pictures displayed. Many of the singular subjects appear frozen in deep thought during quiet moments or intently concentrating on their current activity.

“Hearing someone say, ‘I never saw it that way before,’ or watching them recognize the truth of their own beauty in portraiture is huge for me. Photography keeps everyone honest, if it’s done right,” Kiefer explained.


One selection is actually a self portrait within a self portrait. Entitled “Age and Youth” the piece contains images of the photographer both in the present and 30 years ago. So notable was this work that National Geographic published the photograph twice online. Kiefer’s work was one of 22 selections out of more than 6,700 submissions.

“I have a deeply empathetic nature that seeks to share the experience of the world around me as I experience it, and photography allows me to share images and ideas through my sometimes very odd view of the world in a way that is both honest and inquisitive,” Kiefer said.

_MG_4842Age and Youth

The long gallery wall invites guests to explore the images without each piece distracting from the other. Even though Kiefer is primarily self-taught, there are several examples of advanced techniques such as delayed flash and slow shutter speeds which allow the artist more control over the finished product. Some portraits are framed, while others are mounted in arrangements on the wall, all with great lighting behooving an art showing.


Visitors to Firehouse Wine Bar & Shop have the benefit of supporting not only the local economy, but the local art community as well. The collection can be viewed every day, providing plenty of visual stimulation to accompany great conversation and quality spirits. Explore the links below for more information about the artist and the venue in which this current collection can be viewed.

“I think a vibrant downtown is always the heart of any city,  and events like LODA Artwalk present fairly easy ways for artists to show new work.  [I display work at local business because] for me it’s worth it to get my work in front of folks who are not simply gallery patrons,” Kiefer said.


Firehouse Wine Bar & Shop

216 St. Francis Street, Mobile, AL 36602


Tues-Fri: 2 pm – Midnight
Sat: Noon – Midnight
Sun: Noon – 9 pm

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