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Perfection In Lemon exhibit opens at Mobile Arts Council 9/11/15

10 Sep 2015

written by Mailer-Daemon


Lower Downtown storefront displays rarely catch people’s attention. But people stopped, stared, and photographed Kevin D’Amico’s installation for hours during last month’s ArtWalk. And with good reason. The installation, which was a teaser for his upcoming solo show at the Mobile Arts Council, was pure spectacle. A vignette of yellow, black, and white IKEA furniture. A printed image of a mysterious, circular, trademarked logo. A darkened photograph of a woman with yellow skin and bright pink eyes. Cold, white, dramatic lighting. A vinyl banner on the windowpane that read, “Perfection in Lemon”.

What did it all mean?

This coming Friday, September 11, Kevin D’Amico will launch his solo show at the Mobile Arts Council and, by extension, his lifestyle brand, Zero Degree.

Zero Degree is a fine art collective co-founded by Kevin and Taylor D’Amico. By design, it resembles a lifestyle brand, one that darkly glamorizes cultural homogenization. The full extent of its mission will be explained in the gallery space alongside the same storefront vignette, digital prints, photographs, and electronic music. The lighting will be cold, white, and dramatic, and the model featured in the storefront display will be present and silently interacting with spectators.

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