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Robby Kee Interview

04 Jan 2016

written by Mailer-Daemon

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Experimental artists from Atlanta:

Robby Kee curates Invent Room Pop @ Beep Beep Gallery, a monthly event for chamber players, contemporary composers, and weirdos.
Marlee Mincher is an Atlanta-based ceramicist and multi-media artist. Her work deals with themes of memory and forgetting, impracticality, and impermanence. of Roswell Art Center West. Formerly office for the Arts at Harvard and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
joined by Adam Taylor:

Adam Taylor is a Mobile-area singer and songwriter in the most obscure sense of the term. You never know whether he’ll show up with a pile of noise-making devices- to confuse and scintillate you, or an acoustic guitar- to lay down some of the most evocative and personal songs ever to trace a lineage to the blues.” – Mod Mobilian
…These 3 artists will bring their work to Industry Bar January 7th, 2016
Tour Link:
Event page:
Adam Taylor chewed the rag with Robby Kee…
Adam Taylor
     Is your art only one part of your personality?
Robby Kee
     I think that’s true for most people. We all have so many roles in our lives, in our interactions with the people we know. While their interactions in our creative life are real and complicated, I don’t think personality is reducable to that aspect.
     Are all live shows performance art?
     I would say that any live show is a performance, but performance art requires engaging with that and developing a consciousness about the relationship between the performer and the audience.
     In tribal cultures, music and dance are inseparable-Do you think people need physicality with their music?
     Music is the physical process of moving sound through space. No matter how sedate the music or the audience is, the interaction is always physical. Most enjoyment of music echoes that physicality, and that’s fantastic.
     What are your expectations of playing in Mobile, Alabama?
     I haven’t been there before, but I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy new people and places.

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