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Southsounds 2016 Spotlight: Bantam Foxes

10 May 2016

written by Croma


Southsounds 2016 Spotlight: Bantam Foxes

Text by Tim Borland, Photos/Audio/Video courtesy of band


During Southsounds 2016 one of the best venues to camp out at was The Blind Mule. Host to the most bands during the weekend, concert lovers missed out on quite a lot of they did not make a stop at this location. Case in point, Friday night headliners Bantam Foxes. This great act is familiar to many Mobilian’s thanks to their performances at various stages around the downtown area over the past couple years. Mod Mobilian spoke with Bantam Foxes during the weekend in the following Q&A:


1) As a band from New Orleans, how difficult is it to stand out in a big city filled with musicians?

“New Orleans is tough, man. Like you said, this city is literally filled with musicians. There’s music going on in every room you can think of on any given night. The people out here are pretty focused on the brass bands and the jazz and the zydeco. And that’s fine. That’s why we like to get out of town as much as we do. New Orleans is a great city to be based out of – not too far from Texas and Alabama where rock and roll is alive and well,” guitarist and vocalist Sam McCabe said.


2) Why are events like Southsounds important for regional acts?

“Smaller festivals like Southsounds are killer for regional music scenes because they help smaller bands, like ourselves, get in front of larger audiences. They build a community – most of the bands we are playing with at The Blind Mule on Friday night are bands we have played with in cities throughout the South,” McCabe expressed.


3) How would you describe the Bantam Foxes’ unique sound?

“We take a lot of hints from 90s songs that you probably forgot about but as soon as it comes on the radio, you know all the words. You remember SpacehogSuperbrag? Old Fountains of Wayne like “Sink to the Bottom”? That’s the stuff we pull our biggest influences from. Fuzzy, heavy bass, gritty guitar, live sounding drums,” McCabe explained.


4) Why is performing live important for the band?

“We feel our best when we are playing in front of people. Rehearsal can be a whole lot of fun, but we get the biggest smiles out of each other when we look over in the middle of a set, one that we are really digging into, and just laugh at somebody who flubbed a note or told a really stupid joke between songs,” McCabe said.

~Check back soon for more exclusive interviews with musicians~


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