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Interview: Packway Handle Band

05 Jul 2016

written by Croma


Interview: Packway Handle Band

Text by Tim Borland, photos courtesy of band

Packway Handle Band performed in LoDa on June 24 at the popular Callaghan’s Irish Social Club. The Athens, Ga. band has an exciting live show, with various traditional instruments. The Mod Crew interviewed mandolin player Michael Paynter about his experiences with the band.

Packway Handle Band Q&A

1) Why are independent venues like Callaghan’s important for up and coming musicians?

“It is great to have independent venues to help bands find their audience. So many bands would never see the light of day if it wasn’t for these venues giving them a chance. It is a great opportunity to craft your sound and hone your live show, reaching people that would not otherwise know about you,” Paynter explained.

michael1Michael Paynter

2) How do you feel that your Southern origins in Athens, Ga influence your music identity?

“I have always had an affinity for classic country music, bluegrass, and folk that I probably would not have if I had not grown up in the South. My songwriting definitely has tinges of these influences throughout. Also, living in Athens you are constantly inspired by all of the other talented bands,” Paynter said.


3) How can locals make a music scene great? Why should they come out to support live music?

“It is important to remember that a music scene is only as good as the participation from the people coming to see the shows. You can have the best bands playing but if nobody is coming to see them then it is all a waste. I have seen a lot of ebb and flow in the music scene in Athens and there is nothing worse than seeing an incredible band with no audience. It has become easier now than ever to just stay home but nothing connects us more than seeing a live show,” Paynter insisted.


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