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Interview: The Two Tens

20 Jul 2016

written by Croma


Interview: The Two Tens

Text by Tim Borland

The Two Tens 2016Photo courtesy Oly Kaz

Los Angeles garage punk band The Two Tens will be performing in Mobile on July 23. The weekend concert will begin at 10 p.m. at The Blind Mule’s upstairs Attic room. Located at 57 N. Claiborne Street, The Blind Mule Restaurant & Bar is located downtown only a couple blocks from Dauphin Street. The band is currently touring in support of their new album Volume.


Guitarist and vocalist Adam Bones alongside drummer and backup vocalist Rikki Styxx produce an impressively large sound for a power duo. Bones describes the band’s live performance as full of fun and high energy, while Styxx suggests the show will be the most fun a person can have in Mobile on Saturday night if one desires to see a rock ‘n’ roll band. The Mod Crew interviewed the band about their upcoming performance below.

Photo courtesy of Chris Barber, 2015

Q&A: The Two Tens

1)How do you fill so much space in with your music? 

“I just hit the drums really hard. And sing backups,” Styxx says.

“We wanted to make sure that being a duo, we didn’t sound thin. We both do our part to make the band sound big. What I do is split my signal to a guitar and bass amp. The bass amp fills in a lot of low end so it sounds very full,” Bones explains.

2) What are some of your influences?

“When Adam and I first met, Descendents was the first band we mentioned as our favorite band and that really bonded us musically right away. Recently we snuck backstage at Punk Rock Bowling and got to see them perform side-stage. One of the best memories I have with him,” Styxx shares.

“We’re both big Descendents fans. Everything Sucks is one of my favorite albums. Being with Rikki and getting to watch the band 10 feet away from Bill Stevenson and singing along to every song was amazing. I had perma-grin on my face the whole time,” Bones remembers.

3)As an L.A. band, how does it feel to be touring the southeast? Have you been this way before?

“So far so great – crowds are still checking us out,” Styxx says.

“Our first tour was about a week and half tour thru the Southwest. So getting to some of the Southeast is going to be a first. We’re looking forward to it. We have never been to many of these cities before so it is exciting,” Bones explains.

4) How important are independent businesses like The Blind Mule to up and coming bands?

“The fact that indie venues support new touring bands like us is so important to fans of Rock n roll. I grew up in a town where there were not very many places to see concerts so I know how wonderful it is,” Styxx emphasizes.

” [Independent venues] are very important. We need places to play in as many cities as we can play,” Bones said.


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