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Word on the Street: Beer Fest 2016

08 Sep 2016

written by Croma


Word on the Street: Beerfest 2016

by Tim Borland


 For beer enthusiasts of Mobile, August is one of the ‘hoppiest’ times of the year. This is because of Dauphin Street Beer Festival, which occurred August 27 from 6 to 9 p.m. Dauphin Street was jam packed with Mobilians, all eager to sample the large variety of special brews brought in for the event. With a strong police presence in tow, people were free to drink in relative safety, provided they did not drive home while inebriated.


Downstairs Bar at Alchemy Tavern

Mod Mobilian took to the streets to ask local bartenders how they handled this year’s event. With over 30 bars in participation and over 90 beers to sample, there were plenty of businesses to choose from. Below are just a small selection of the many experiences to be had by attendees.


The Blind Mule is a favorite of downtown devotees. With plenty of space, both indoors and out, the location was certainly a hub for weary beer crawlers. Not to mention the delicious food that is served in the location, which drew many hungry revelers. The Mule served Wyndridge Crafty Hopped Cider, Catawba Farmer Ted’s Cream Ale, and Bison Chocolate Stout.

img_2634-copySpacious Interior of The Blind Mule

“It was much less chaotic this year. Busy but manageable. Lots of happy drunks,” Blind Mule bartender Clayton H. Bates said.


At the corner of Joachim St. and Dauphin St, lines rounded the block at venues such as Alchemy Tavern and LODA Bier Garten. Across the street from each other, many enjoyed the spacious interior of Alchemy before heading to Bier Garten for a meal. Alchemy Tavern served up Crown Valley Strawberry Cider, Chandeleur Freemason Golden Ale, and Wyndridge Barn Dog Vanilla Imp. Porter. Meanwhile, Bier Garten offered Chandeleur Surfside Wheat, Wyndridge Crafty Apple Cider, and Catawba Mother Trucker Pale Ale.

mg_1632Wall of Beer Bottles at LODA Bier Garten

“I came an hour early for that shift and we were slammed. We had to turn away people for hours because all our tables were full upstairs, downstairs, and outside. I was exhausted, everyone was, but it was a good night,” Alchemy and Bier Garten bartender Brian Wattier expressed.


Even after the event formally concluded at 9 p.m., a large amount of people wisely stayed downtown to either allow their inebriation to wear off or to continue partying into the night. There is no better late night scene to gauge an evening downtown than to ask the employees of Hayley’s Bar, which holds some of the longest hours. During the festival, Hayley’s served Einstok White Ale, Crown Valley Blackberry Cider, and Catawba REDiculous Red IPA.

img_5683-copyInside Hayley’s Bar

“By the time its after 9 p.m., there are a mass amount of people down here just wasted. From my walk to the car, I saw seven girls crying, which is nearly the level of Mardi Gras,” Hayley’s Bartender Wil Reid joked.

~Check back soon for more updates from the downtown scene~


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