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Interview: Bad Cologne

08 Oct 2016

written by Croma


Interview: Bad Cologne

Text by Tim Borland, Photos courtesy of band

The recently formed band Bad Cologne based out of Tuscaloosa, Ala. is currently on tour in support of Southsounds Festival alums The Dirty Lungs. Featuring musicians from a number of area bands, the group is excited to be touring the Southeast. The pair will be performing October 8 at The Blind Mule, with Mobile, Ala. band The Hallers opening. Doors are at 9 p.m., with the concert beginning at 10 p.m., with a cover charge of $5 for 21 and up and $10 for those 18 to 20. The Mod Crew spoke with Bad Cologne  guitarist and vocalist Ronnie Lee Gipson about their experiences as a band.


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Bad Cologne Q&A

1) Your band is relatively new, and combines members from a number of other bands. How did you come together to form this new group?

“We pledged allegiance to Bad Cologne, for which it stands, one band, chooglin’, for rock ‘n’ roll and partying with y’all,” Gipson expresses.

13062107_1120647741308328_5403974752678237767_n2) Tell me about your upcoming recording you are currently working on with Lynn Bridges – how has the experience been and when do you expect it to be released?

“Tracking our upcoming first release was relatively smooth sailing, until my being shot, which put us at a stand still for a bit. Lynn has really done an excellent job and we actually cut more material than we initially intended to only because of extra time from his hard work and preparedness. Hopefully now that I’m mostly recovered, we’ll be able to get some time to finish the final overdubs and get on to mixing. I’m hoping three to four months if not sooner,” Gipson shares.

3) How does it feel to be performing in the Azalea City? Are you excited to reach new listeners?

“We are thrilled to get out on the road and play our first solid string of dates supporting The Dirty Lungs. I’m not sure that anyone in the band has ever played Azalea City with any other groups at any point, pretty excited. Let’s choogle!” Gipson says.


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