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Exclusive Video Interview: Jill Stein

03 Oct 2016

written by Croma


Exclusive Video Interviews: Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka

Text, photo, and video by Tim Borland


Mod Mobilian conducted an exclusive interview with The Green Party’s Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein in Birmingham, Ala. The nominee appeared in Birmingham, Ala. at the BJCC on October 1 to address the growing support within many red states such as Alabama for a new voting alternative.

Additionally, Mod Mobilian was the ONLY professional news outlet to cover the visit of Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ajamu Baraka when he visited Mobile, Ala. He expressed the goal of achieving five percent of the vote so that a third party in the United States could achieve millions in government funding.


The civil rights activist encouraged voters by insisting,

“If no-one ever votes for a third party, there will never be a third party.”

No matter what a Mobilian’s political affiliation may be, what many this year can agree is that voters need more options. Providing an alternative that represents the values of the next generation of voters is what this movement is all about.


For more information about how readers can get involved in their political process and learn more about third party candidates, contact the Alabama Green Party on their official Facebook page below.


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