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Preview: Party Like it’s 1999! @ Hayley’s Bar

27 Oct 2016

written by Croma


Preview: Party Like it’s 1999! @ Hayley’s Bar

by Tim Borland

During Halloween season, amongst the many must dos like zombie walks, candy eating, and pumpkin spice everything is of course the much anticipated costume parties. Many people who loved the October holiday do so because like Mardi Gras, the season is an opportunity to don an outfit and become someone else. Hayley’s Bar will be hosting their own twist on the traditional Halloween costume party this year on Saturday Oct. 29.

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Entitled “Party Like it’s 1999,” the themed event recognizes the many music and Hollywood legends who have passed during 2016. This year feels to have an unusually epic list of names, from David Bowie and Prince to Gene Wilder and Alan Rickman weighing in to this year’s obits. As such, guests to Hayley’s Bar are encouraged to choose their favorite celebrities and musicians, living or dead … or undead, to dress up as for the evening. Busy revelers need not worry about conflicting plans that evening, because the hauntingly late night party will begin at 10 p.m. and continue on until the last zombie stumbles home. As such, the destination is the perfect option for an after-party location following other activities.

_mg_9922Hayley’s Bartender Wil Reid

The fun will not end merely at costumes and drinks. There will be music provided by DJ Twiggins from 97.5 FM from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Hayley’s bartenders such as Wil Reid will host bar games for guests, providing even more entertainment. Additionally, the evening’s costume contest will feature a $200 grand prize, so patrons might leave with an extra Halloween treat in their pockets. Of course, there will be the usual television, pool table, and video game entertainment that Hayley’s regulars enjoy as well.

“Hayley’s has some of the most eccentric and awesome regulars downtown so the costumes are always outrageous,” Reid said about the typical Halloween weekend crowd.


Hayley’s Bar is located at 278 Dauphin Street, in the bright pink corner building. The establishment is 21 and up, and features some of the cheapest drink specials on the block, not to mention some of the latest operating hours. For more about why the bar is such a popular location downtown, read Borland on Bars: Hayley’s for even more info.


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