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Mobile band Scraepers Papers chase you into the funhouse

19 Mar 2017

written by Mailer-Daemon


The first thing you notice about Scraepers Papers is that they continue the noble tradition of intentionally misspelled band names, handed down from on high by those twin suns in the pop music sky: Def Leppard and Limp Bizkit. That’s where the comparison ends, thankfully.

Scraepers Papers come through with bite-sized, scuzzy-but-fun psych-punk, Monster Mash Math pogs and jammers that will remind you of the unforgettable summer night a guy in a smelly denim vest upchucked on your shoes, but somehow you ended up making out with him before the night was over, and you woke up with a hickey on your face. You thought I forgot about that!

For local scene-spotters, their sound lands somewhere in the neighborhood of Wizzard Sleeve, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Roman Gabriel Todd; the real trick is that they still easily manage to be unique, and perhaps even more engaging than any of the above.  If those names mean nothing to you, imagine if Mobile had its own Butthole Surfers and you’re not on the wrong track.

You can hear them now with your own two ears here.

I don’t know when they’re playing again but you can keep up with them on social media

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