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A Talk with Rob Pope of Spoon

27 Apr 2017

written by Croma


A Talk With Rob Pope of Spoon

Text by Tim Borland, Photos courtesy of band

Spoon is a legendary indie rock band which really should need no introduction. The Austin, Texas group has been bubbling under the surface of the mainstream for well over two decades, all while gaining new fans and continuing to innovate their sound. Spoon is kicking off their supporting tour behind the freshly released Hot Thoughts album in the Azalea City April 27.

Spoon will take the stage at Soul Kitchen Music Hall with supporting act Tennis starting at 8 p.m. Tickets are available for a general admission price of $33. Music lovers who have not yet had the experience of hearing this band live owe it to themselves to see a great regional band conveniently in their home city. Some listeners will discover that they may have already heard Spoon on the radio or in movie soundtracks thanks to great songs like “Car Radio,”  “Everything Hits At Once,” “Me and The Bean,” “The Fitted Shirt,” “The Way We Get By,” “Small Stakes,” “I Turn My Camera On,” “The Underdog,” “Don’t You Evah,” “Got Nuffin’,” and many more.

Spoon_by_Zackery_Michael_2_lo-resSpoon © Zackery Michael

The upcoming show is possibly Spoon’s closest approach to Mobile outside of performances in New Orleans, Louisiana. Other Southeastern performances during the tour will include Oxford, Miss.; Baton Rouge, La.; Athens, Ga., and Knoxville, Tenn. Spoon will also perform at Sloss Music and Arts festival in Birmingham, Ala. this summer.


Mod Mobilian spoke with Spoon member Rob Pope about the new album and upcoming tour. The musician has performed bass guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals with the band since shortly before the recording of their album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

SPOON-OSL-8-10-2014-34-cropSpoon © Debi Del Grande

Q&A: Rob Pope from Spoon

1). Is Spoon excited to share Hot Thoughts with audiences? Were any of the tracks performed live prior to recording?

“The record came out in March, and up until now we’ve been doing a lot of promo dates, SXSW, television shows, and things like that. So we haven’t done a proper run of shows, and [April 27] is the start of that. We have been working on a bunch of older songs, arrangements, and the way we are going to present this new record live, so tomorrow is gonna be fun,” Pope said.

2) Did the band have any goals in mind while recording Hot Thoughts?

“We didn’t really talk about a big global goal other than the band always sets out to make consistently good records with stuff we would want to listen to, and also to make sure we are not repeating ourselves. Sometimes its easy through musicians’ careers to rely on the same bag of tricks, and we are always trying to get out of that,” Pope explained.

170110-01-145_highres_v1-1Spoon © Zackery Michael

3) How do you feel audiences are receiving the new material?

“I don’t read the press or reviews or anything, but I like to look at people live when we are playing new songs. Maybe they are hearing them for the first time and I can see what their reactions are. So far its been really fun, people seem to be very into it when we play the new songs at shows. We were just in Mexico City, and it was pretty wild to have all these kids down there singing and really knowing all the words off the new record,” Pope shared.

4) How does a performance on a festival stage compare to a smaller venue?

“We always prefer the more intimate shows … I like ceilings and walls to contain our sound a little bit. We are able to control every element, even like the music the crowd is hearing when they walk into the venue, and that stuff is important to us,” Pope expressed.

170110-04-306_HIGHRES-1Spoon © Zackery Michael

5) What would you like people to take away from your live shows?

“We’ve been working hard to get these new songs sounding really good. They feel really tough, and we can’t wait to pummel the audience with them … I am glad to be getting back on the road in Alabama, and we are headed your way,” Pope said.



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