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A Walk Around Parlor Vapes

04 May 2017

written by Croma


A Walk Around Parlor Vapes

by Tim Borland


Vaporized tobacco has become not only a trend, but a mainstay. Rather than merely a health decision or a nifty device, many tobacco connoisseurs are now enjoying vaping just for the pleasure of it. For new adoptees finding quality eLiquids – or even just knowing which brands are higher quality than others – can be a daunting task.


Parlor Vapes, an independent West Mobile business located at 5053 Cottage Hill Rd., prides itself on customer service. The friendly staff try to explain the complexities of vaping to guests in order to make the entire process easier to digest. The owners would like people to feel comfortable, not intimidated. Rather than being focused on upselling the customer, employees instead try to aid patrons in making an informed decision, regardless of price.


“As a local business in Mobile we are a little bit more personable to our customers. We get to know them and become friends with them. A lot of our customers will come here on their lunch break or just to hang out after work. Thats one of my favorite parts,” owner and University of South Alabama graduate Katlin Purvis shares.

_MG_0826Five Pawns eLiquid

A step into the shop is a treat for the olfactory receptors. A delicious bouquet of aromas fill the foggy room. Comfortable leather seating provides guests the perfect space to rest and relax. The main wall displays a huge selection of eLiquids, with flavors like Chocolate Cannolli and King Cake just begging to be sampled.

_MG_0773Vaping hardware

A long counter stretches across the room providing counter space to converse with employees. There is a flat screen for entertainment, and the hardwood floors are immaculately clean. Framed posters of independent eLiquid companies adorn the walls. Assorted high quality vaping hardware products by notable brands including Wismec, Smok, and Therion fill the display case nearest to the all glass entrance.


Parlor Vapes enjoys rewarding the loyalty of customers, keeping close to fans via weekly juice deals on Facebook and text message specials. There is a clearance rack of eLiquids for those seeking a good deal. Additionally, the shop offers discounts on eLiquid for buyers of new hardware.


“We have a lot of customers who are committed to us. We have a bunch who even come from Lucedale, Miss.; Pascagoula, Miss.; or from Baldwin County across the bay. Those customers are willing to make the drive just to come here for the experience of being able to hang out with us,” Katlin says.


There are very few exclusively adult hangouts that are not bars. This quiet cozy vape lounge provides a great area for conversation and gathering with friends. Parlor Vapes hosts vape meets just for this purpose. In addition, the flatscreen is often programmed for sports during football season, or popular films during movie nights.


Parlor Vapes is a part of the Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama. This organization seeks to protect over 2000 jobs and 200 new small businesses in Alabama as well as encouraging a reduced harm alternative to tobacco users. By banding together as a group, businesses like Parlor Vapes have helped prevent harmful taxes which could make eLiquids and vaping hardware inaccessible to lower income customers and economically unfeasible for burgeoning eLiquid producers within our state.


Unlike many vape shops, this independent business gives back to the community by supporting independent eLiquid brands. For example, Cyclops Vapor, LLC is a premium eLiquid wholesaler located in Daphne, Ala. Vaping aficionados can also find boutique brands like Five Pawns and Caterpiller Juice both from California, among several more options.

_MG_0793Cyclops Vapor eLiquids

“Its great to be a small business, especially local, because we have a bunch of loyal customers,” Katlin expresses.


Those looking for a better vaping experience while supporting independent business need search no further. Parlor Vapes encourages patrons to vape respectfully, and vape with class.   Their attractive space, much like a cigar lounge for a new health-conscious generation, is one of the most appropriate and comfortable places to do so in the Azalea City.



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