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Dauphin St. Beer Fest 2017

25 Aug 2017

written by Croma


Dauphin St. Beer Fest 2017

by Tim Borland

Its that time again, beer fans! Dauphin Street Beer Festival is returning to downtown Mobile for its 20th incarnation. Many in the know Mobilians have already paid for their wristband and mug, and are ready to imbibe during event that will draw huge crowds to LoDa bars this Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. Over 90 brews will be served at more than 30 participating venues; with only three hours it will be impossible to visit every location. Below we provide a few suggestions for the event as well as a list of all the beers being served and a link to the event Facebook.


Click above for Facebook Event Page

Located in the heart of Dauphin Street, Hayley’s Bar is a no brainer. Not only is the small bar one of the few places that people can still find beer fest tickets (while they last), but it is also located conveniently near many other participating locations. Every participating business will be serving three different types of beer; Hayley’s is offering up the Lonerider Saloon Style Pilsner, Ciderboys British Dry Cider, and Crazy Mountain Brewing Lawyers, Guns, and Money Barleywine Ale. This is definitely an easy stop to make during the event, with some very interesting selections to sample.

IMG_5659Hayley’s Bar

After hurriedly sampling the first few brews at neighboring bars on Dauphin, patrons can get away from the street crowd by venturing down Joachim to camp out at Alchemy Tavern. As a large bar with three different areas in which to hang out, the location is the perfect spot to rest a bit before tackling more locations. Of course, while one enjoys the great back patio area they can sample Alchemy’s selections, the Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Ale, Ctwaba Ted Light Lime, and Crazy Mountain Brewing Horshoes and Hand Grenades ESB. In addition to the tasting, the band Venom will be performing on the upstairs stage at 7 p.m., giving music lovers their hair metal fix. Alchemy will Alchemy Tavern is easy to find, directly across the street from the Mobile Saenger and less than a block from Dauphin St.

_MG_9759Patio area at Alchemy Tavern

By the time revelers have made their way up and down Dauphin, they will likely begin to feel the pangs of hunger. Not to worry, there are plenty of restaurants to help to soak up some of that alcohol. Consider choosing a beer fest location like The Blind Mule . The ‘mule’ is another big bar with three areas to explore and lots of seating. Their great food is also one of the best kept secrets downtown, with a large menu that has a little something for everyone. The Blind Mule will also be serving beer for the festival, such as the Blue Point Hoptical Illusion, Ely Space Dust, and FA I Drink Therefore I Amber. Also a music venue, the Blind Mule Attic Stage will feature the band Future Hate, providing plenty of entertainment for guests. To find the Blind Mule, head down N. Claiborne Street from Cathedral Square, passing the sphinxes of the Scottish Rite Temple and huge deck at The Bar, another beer fest participant.

IMG_2638-001Dining area at The Blind Mule

No matter where attendees visit during Beer Fest XX, just keep a few things in mind. Be on time, there will be large crowds and sometimes kegs do run out before the event is over. Plan which locations to visit in advance, and try to route them in the same direction down Dauphin to save time and prevent backtracking. And most importantly, there will still be plenty to do and experience downtown even after the beer tasting ends at 9 p.m., so stick around and support the independent businesses downtown. Events like Beer Fest are a huge support to the downtown bar scene, and the perfect time to explore new locations such as the recently opened Kazoola. Mod Mobilian will be downtown documenting the event. Festival goers please remember to stay safe and make sure to have an Uber or designated driver after the event.


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