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Inside 2017 Summer Festivals: A Very Unfloppy Hangout

29 Aug 2017

written by Croma


Inside 2017 Summer Festivals: A Very Unfloppy Hangout

Text & Photos by Tim Borland

As Labor Day approaches and Summer draws to a close, Mod Mobilian is bringing readers exclusive coverage from many of the best festivals in Alabama and across the Southeast. In the Yellowhammer StateHangout Festival has become a well establish tourism draw for the Gulf Coast. Much like the ocean tides during a hurricane, fans flood into Foley, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach each year for the award winning three day event.


Occurring May 19-21 in 2017, this year’s incarnation was no exception. Hangout has always been somewhat exclusive due to an attendance cap, making tickets for the event sell out quickly. That challenge did not stop concert goers from making the trek to hear headliners such as Mumford and Sons, Twenty One Pilots, Chance the Rapper, MGMT, Weezer, and many more performers.

IMG_5128Although gloomy clouds lurked above, Sunday’s lineup continued as scheduled

Crowd control and law enforcement has long been a primary concern for the residential areas that surround Alabama’s beachfront during the festival. By this year’s eighth incarnation of the festival, the security and staff seemed to be running like clockwork. There was no “floppiness” to be witnessed around entrances and blocked roads as the police made sure to keep the festival safe for teens and families alike. Prior experience combined with the attendance cap, removal of late night shows, and an expanded festival footprint seem to have cleared up any logistical issues or noise complaints that may have existed in the past.

IMG_5033Hangout Staff walk to their stations to prepare for the morning crowds

Mod Mobilian spoke with a few Southern fans during the festival about what acts they came to see and their experience during the weekend.


IMG_5181Stacelyn Gilbert strikes a pose near the main entrance

“Friday is was very sunny and hot, and Saturday it poured down raining. For the ones that had to park all the way off – my clothes were so wet that I could  wring them out and water dripped from them. The wind was blowing, and it was just chaos trying to get everybody out of the Hangout festival. It was horrible when it rained, but I was glad to be here for Lil Yachty and Tory Lanez,” Stacelyn Gilbert of Wetumpka, Ala. described.



“I’m super pumped for Mumford and Suns, which is the last show. I really hope they don’t get rained out, but rain or shine – party hard. We’re going to have a good time, I’m excited,” Erin Wicht of Biloxi, Miss. expressed. “Everyone has been super nice. We’ve had people come up to us and say ‘hey you are super awesome we appreciate you and we love you.’ we don’t even know who they are, but we appreciate  it too. Everyone is happy to be here.”


IMG_5160Abbie Bishop, Erin Wicht, and Kristian Cowart (from left to right), proudly displaying their shaka signs

Twenty One Pilots was awesome, but they got rained out even though they started early. What they did play was really good,” Kristian Cowart of Ocean Springs, Miss. shared. “No-one really cares about the rain, they are just kinda dancing in it yelling ‘yes rain! cmon we’re gonna cool off!'”


“The crowd is diverse, I like it. The Head and the Heart played yesterday, they were really good. I think I just wanted to experience the atmosphere, and I like all the bands that are here,” Abbie Bishop of Hattiesburg, Miss. said.


~Check back soon for more 2017 Summer Festival coverage – next up Bonnaroo 2017~


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