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A Talk w/ Local H

27 Oct 2017

written by Croma


A Talk w/ Local H

Text by Tim Borland

Zion, Ill. band Local H will be performing at Alchemy Tavern on Nov. 2 with doors at 8 p.m. The popular 90’s duo will be joined by Mobile openers Glass War, a great local act also consisting of two musicians. Local H is best known for their 1996 album As Good As Dead and 1998’s Pack Up the Cats. In addition to these albums, the group has consistently toured and released new music over the years, and has gained additional popularity for their unique covers of a wide range of artists.

LocalH2Local H, photo courtesy John Oakes

Although Local H began with four members at their first performance in 1990, the group quickly trimmed down to  guitarist and vocalist Scott Lucas alongside a drummer. Lucas was able to produce a full band sound by using a specially modded guitar with a bass pickup on the lowest two strings and two outputs, one running to a guitar amp and one to a bass amp. The songwriter’s present drummer is Ryan Harding, and Local H is currently on tour fellow 90’s musicians The Toadies.

Prior to their breakthrough single, Local H toured with other 90’s bands such as Tripping Daisy. Several of Local H’s songs may be familiar to radio listeners even though the band maintains an underground status. Tracks like “Bound for the Floor” and “Eddie Vedder” helped drive sales of As Good As Dead to gold status. In the years after its release, the music video for “Bound for the Floor” has received even more attention with over 4.8 million views on Youtube.

The attention gained by As Good As Dead helped the band earn an opening slot with Stone Temple Pilots, even performing a memorable show at Madison Square Garden in 1997. Pack Up the Cats followed in 1998 with lead single “All the Kids Are Right,” a catchy tune infusing pop influences into the act’s grungy sound. The band’s most recent release was Hey Killer in 2015. Mod Mobilian spoke with Lucas about the current tour and the upcoming show in our interview below:

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Q&A with Scott Lucas of Local H

1. Did you expect after this many years Local H would still be touring?

“You know there was never a plan B, so I never really thought about it … Im very grateful, there’s just no way of at that age you can conceive of living that long, much less doing the same thing,” Lucas explained.

2. How has the current tour with The Toadies been so far?

“Its been perfect. Its been one of the best that we’ve ever had on the road,” Lucas said.


3. As a musician, why do you perform live?

“I enjoy it, it’s the part of the day that everything else that you do is pointed towards,” Lucas expressed.

4. What do you hope your audiences think of your show?

“I hope they enjoyed it, I hope they had a good time. I hope they felt something. I hope we gave them something they were able to connect with, and spend an hour not looking at their goddamn phone … hopefully it won’t even occur to them, maybe they will be free of the device for that one bit of the day,” Lucas said.

5. Can you describe the experience of recording As Good As Dead?

“I don’t know, I just kinda wanted to make a record. Just wanted to show everything we had, if that was the last record we made, I’d be fine with it,” Lucas shared.

6. Did you ever see the video for “Bound for the Floor” on television? If so, how did it feel to be noticed?

“I never really saw our video on tv. We weren’t a buzz band. It wasn’t like that, they weren’t playing ‘Bound to the Floor’ every hour on MTV … There was never that point I was like ‘oh, we made it.’ It was just about trying to sell enough records so we can make another record. That’s all I was ever thinking. Its about the work, and we were really immersed in the work, and we still are,” Lucas recalled.


7. With the advent of the internet, new listeners are now discovering Local H through services such as Youtube. How does it feel to reach listeners who might not have even been around in the 90’s ?

“That’s great and it’s important. It also means that people can look up what they want. There are bands that might have been relegated to the dustbin of history. And those bands, you can find their records, you see records all the time that are being reassessed and rediscovered – stuff that I never even heard of growing up, and its great,” Lucas expressed.

8. Local H has gained a reputation for performing interesting covers live of songs by artists as varied as Pink Floyd, Rush, TV on the Radio, and Britney Spears just to name a few. When you approach a cover, how do you make it your own?

“Sometimes you think about changing it and trying to make it your own, or sometimes you love playing a song and you just wanna attack it. If you kinda sound like you, you don’t really even have to think about it. You gotta sound different and hopefully whatever angle you decided to take a run at it will justify [the cover’s] existence,” Lucas described.

9. What inspired you to cover Toxic by Britney Spears, off your Alive ’05 tour recording? It seems like an unusual, but cool juxtaposition of genres.

“I think it’s a really good song. I think the song has recently got a reassessment and [people] do recognize that it’s a terrific song. That’s it, that’s the only reason. You don’t really ever cover something that you don’t like. There was nothing snarky about that cover or smug about it, we genuinely like that song and wanted to do it justice,” Lucas insisted.

22730099_10156658015551729_3853812503798222913_nLocal H, photo courtesy of band

10. How important are small venues like Alchemy Tavern to underground acts like Local H?

“[Small venues] are like the places I prefer to see shows at, and those are the places I usually have the best shows that I play personally … I don’t like engaging from the fences, and front row being ten feet away from you. I don’t really feel comfortable at bigger shows because I don’t really like going to them. Its just a comfort level I guess,” Lucas expounded.

11. Local Mobile band Glass War will be opening your show at Alchemy – do you have any words of wisdom for up and coming bands?

“Don’t listen to anybody’s advice,” Lucas said.



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