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Blind Mule Interviews: Acid Tongue

14 Dec 2017

written by Croma


Blind Mule Interviews: Acid Tongue

Text by Ryan Borland, Photos courtesy of band


The next entry in our Blind Mule Interview series is Acid Tongue. The members of the group hail from New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle and have performed the Attic at The Blind Mule in downtown Mobile, Ala. this year. Those who missed them can catch them again tonight Dec. 14, 2017 at The Merry Widow along with tourmates The Mammoths and local act The Hallers. Those who cannot make the show can download the groups new release “Babies.”

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Acid Tongue has traveled to 57 different countries spreading their own brand of psychedelic rock. Catchy and mellow, the melodic wash of the sounds is easy to digest, even after it has passed one’s tongue. The band spoke with Mod Mobilian about their live experiences in the city and their new release.

Q&A: Guy Keltner from Acid Tongue

1) Your music is obviously very melodic and psychedelic – what sounds/bands influenced your sound?

“I’m heavily influenced by classic soul and r&b, but that really only scratches the surface of the song structures and melodies I use in our music. I’m a big fan of guys like Jonathan Richman and Lou Reed; guys that have really unique voices and don’t necessarily sing exactly on the beat. I’m always doing this in our tunes and try to give a certain nonchalance to my delivery. I’m also a child of the 80’s and 90’s, so a ton of my general vibe takes bits from Prince, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Seattle dudes like Mark Lanegan,” musician Guy Keltner of Acid Tongue explained.

22815045_1543031989122805_7542050686111689382_nAcid Tongue, Photo Courtesy of Luca Giorietto

2) The Blind Mule hosts a lot of small underground bands – why are venues like this and The Merry Widow important to a city’s music scene?

“This is the only way to foster growth and development within a scene. If these places didn’t exist, I’m sure kids would still throw parties or warehouse shows, but it speaks a lot to a community’s priorities when they help to sustain small venues and DIY clubs. A community that ignores art will inevitably suffer and whither away,” Keltner insisted.

24852503_1590883617670975_1865514040318409840_nPhoto Courtesy of Dylan Johnson

3) Can you describe the crowd at the concert? Was everyone receptive to the music?

“People generally seem to love our music and respond accordingly,” Keltner said.


Click to listen to Acid Tongue’s “Babies”

4) What do you think of Southern audiences? How are they different than other parts of the country?

“I really love the South. I’m bummed we haven’t toured down here sooner. We spent so much time hitting the West Coast and the Northeast and I’m glad we are finally getting chances to play all over the Southern states,” Keltner expressed.


5) What inspires you to create original music? What do you personally achieve out of writing and performing?

“I’m not sure I could be happy without creating. This isn’t something I necessarily forced myself to do – although at times, I do push myself to meet deadlines and finish albums. I find a therapeutic value in creating music, it really helps me cope with some of the tougher aspects of my own life and a lot of tragedy I’ve dealt with in the past. This is as much meditation and medicine as it is entertainment,” Keltner shared.


~Check back soon for more interviews with up and coming bands~


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