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Blind Mule Interviews: The Handsome Scoundrels

11 Dec 2017

written by Croma


Blind Mule Interviews: The Handsome Scoundrels

Text by Ryan Borland, Photos courtesy of band

Blind Mule

The fact that The Blind Mule is one of the major music hubs located in Mobile, Ala. is well known among the fans of LoDa’s growing music scene. Their Attic Stage has hosted numerous up and coming regional and local acts. Many of the biggest bands in the Azalea City got their first gig performing in the upstairs dimly lit eye level stage with soft rugs and couches dispersed about.

17553971_1507898069241229_4420571430280033437_nThe Handsome Scoundrels, courtesy Harris Porter

With great sound and an intimate space, the Attic at Blind Mule is often a favorite location for punk bands, in addition to other underground genres. Local act The Handsome Scoundrels are no exception, having performed at the bar and restaurant on numerous occasions. In addition, the trio are Southsounds Festival veterans having performing in 2012 and 2013. The band even performed LoDa Live, an early incarnation of the event, in 2011.

24296466_1805939189437114_2437982797282424552_nThe Handsome Scoundrels performing the Attic at Blind Mule

Mod Mobilian will be featuring local and regional acts that have performed at Blind Mule in this new interview series, highlighting the downtown music trends as well as new music available from independent artists. Those who missed The Handsome Scoundrel’s most recent performance at the Attic on December 1st, can read the exclusive interview with the musicians below as well as listen to “Shipwrecked” from their newly released EP Thick Cuts.

Q&A: Michael McAuliffe of The Handsome Scoundrels

1) How did it feel to return to The Attic at Blind Mule for the recent concert? What do you like about this venue?

“We have been playing out of town mostly this year so it’s cool to come play Mobile for our friends who don’t usually get to see us. We haven’t played at the Blind Mule since last year, I think, so it’s good to come back,” bassist and backing vocalist Michael McAuliffe said.


2) As a Mobile band, have you seen your fanbase grow since you formed? Do you think the music scene in mobile has improved as well?

“Yeah we have noticed our friendsbase grow the more we have gotten out and played. The Mobile scene seems to always be evolving. There’s a lot of cool rock bands out in Mobile now that are doing some sweet stuff,” Michael shared.

3) You released a new album this fall, what sort of themes are present on the new recording? What do you think inspired certain songs?

“Our new EP ‘Thick Cuts’ is out now on Outloud! Records, and we really either had songs about girls or songs about really specific stuff in our own lives. We are working on a new full length right now that should be out sometime next year. It will really melt your socks off!” Michael enthused.


Click above for new EP

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