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Fairhope Brewing Company Sours

12 Mar 2018

written by Croma


Fairhope Brewing Company Sours

by T. Ryan Borland


Fairhope Brewing Company has been supplying the Gulf Coast region with craft brews for several years now. Having established themselves locally, FBC’s flagship “Take the Causeway” IPA is a favorite among Mobile’s hop-loving crowd. Many of FBC’s brews can be found in local bar establishments downtown, in grocery stores, and across the bay. This is no coincidence – some of FBC’s concoctions are not only unique but seriously good.

_MG_3276Brandon Fischer, employee

The employees agree – Brandon Fischer shared his thoughts on working at the brewery over the past 2 years. Brandon enjoyed having experienced brewing full time for the first time the past year. Like all FBC employees, he was helpful and ready to give recommendations for guests to sample.

“Its a good gig, hours are flexible, bosses are nice and you are making beer. Its not a bad deal,” Fischer says about working at FBC.

_MG_3281Top Gun themed sours

Mod Mobilian visited the brewery recently to sample some of their most recent experiments – sour ales. The line of sours humorously references Top Gun characters for each of its incarnations. This is a fitting tribute to the distinct personality of each flavor, of which there is a wide range of options.


One of the most popular has been The Wolfman, an American fruited sour. Flavored with raspberry and rhubarb, this brew has just the right balance to appeal to almost any palate. Its not too sweet for serious beer aficionados, but the sour is also mild enough that any average drinker will probably enjoy the Wolfman’s redeeming qualities. This beer is still currently on tap, while supplies last.

“Customers really like Wolfman, we were selling so much of it we turned around and had to do another batch right after the one we just did,” employee Darius Daniels shares.


One of the most recently released beers in the sour line is Carole, which came out towards the beginning of the year. The Carole is a funky orange sour with ginger, incorporating orange peel and other ingredients into the sour flavor. This sour is also currently on tap, so guests can still experience Carole before it is gone. The sour flavor of all the drinks are produced via FBC’s own house souring method.


The Maverick, which is now currently sold out, was the first sour released. The golden kettle-soured ale combined apricots and peaches into the brew. Other past offerings have included Iceman and Goose. Iceman added a hint of spearmint and green tea. Goose was an aptly named “Gose” style sour ale. Originating in Goslar, Germany, the salty concoction is a current trend among the craft beer scene. Akin to the wash of the salty ocean, the taste of Goose brought to mind nearby Gulf Shores.


Beer fans who missed these sours need not worry – FBC is constantly introducing new flavors and drinks for guests to try. The most popular of these normally becomes a more regular offering due to demand, so let employees know what your favorites are. More recent additions include the Long Handshake, an imperial porter, the Coconut Judge, which is the Judge Roy Bean coffee stout combined with coconut amaretti. Part of the fun of visiting the brewery is challenging one’s taste buds to experience new things.


Guests wanting to experience more of the sour flavors FBC has to offer should attend next week’s event, A Sour Sunday. Occuring on March 18 from 2 to 7 p.m., the brewery will have a wide range of sours as part of the themed event. Some brews that have already been confirmed include the Carole, Tarts n Crafts, and Charlie, a hibiscus and passion fruit sour. There will also be live entertainment from a local musician at the event, so FBC will definitely be the place to be next week.


In addition to regular performances from local bands, the brewery hosts special tasting events that sometimes offer free personalized beer glasses to early arrivers. With local art displayed on the brewery walls, the business stays in tune with the local community and the area music and arts scene. FBC also has supported SouthSounds Festival in past years.

_MG_3343Darius Daniels, employee

A craft brewery can offer so much more than an average bar serving the same national brands. Fairhope Brewing Company will continue to add more innovative drinks to their lineup for guests to sample and enjoy. As the culture of brewing changes within downtown Mobile, the trailblazers who helped lead the way will no doubt benefit from the increased awareness of beer fans throughout the Mobile area. Darius Daniels may have summed things up best when he spoke with Mod Mobilian about working at Fairhope Brewing Company for nearly three years:

“The job is cool, brewing is something I have always had a passion for and I finally get to do it. Its craft beergood beer is hard work but its worth it,” Darius insists.



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