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Bra Wars: The Empowerment Strikes Back

11 Jul 2018

written by Croma


Bra Wars: The Empowerment Strikes Back

Photos and text by Anna Sheffield

Editing and add. text by T. Ryan Borland

                  Those who could not make it to Camilla Bay Burlesque’s recent “Return of the Tease” show at Alchemy Tavern missed out on an evening of titillating fun. Whether a fan of Star Wars or a fan of burlesque, the show was designed to entertain everyone. Appropriately held on May the 4th, a crowd packed Alchemy Upstairs for the event.


Foxy Monroe resurrected her Boba Fett routine with fervor and intrigue as she seduced the crowd with the allure and sensuality of a modern woman.

“I was already into cosplay to begin with, so I get to bring two things I enjoy together, but I get to play a character too. Where I have the most fun is using that character as inspiration for the whole act,” Foxy Monroe said.


Takillyah Sunrise proved to be the one storm trooper with any sense of aim as she blew the crowd away with her artful tease.

“I just love performing. I have done it my whole life and when I’m on stage, I feel like that is my purpose. I am meant to be here right now in front of my family and friends in this beautiful city, entertaining them,” Takillyah Sunrise insisted.


Lilly Allure shot first as a stunning Han Solo. CP30 made a surprisingly sexy appearance as Lune Noirr reminded us that this definitely was one droid we’re looking for. Phoenix Rose went rogue as an artful and voluptuous Jin Erso. And yes, female and LGBTQ fans, Expecta Patron had us all in awe with his gender bending Darth Maul boylesque routine.


While some may argue that burlesque is something that belongs to the Dark Side, these ladies show that body positivity and sensuality can be more powerful to women than the Death Star to Lord Vader. Most typically assume burlesque is almost exclusive to the male senses, but it is also a medium through which women can truly be in touch and empowered by their sexuality.

“People might be surprised to hear 90 percent of our audience is women and couples. It is women being expressive and its an art form in every aspect,” Takillyah Sunrise said.

IMG_2516 (1)-001

Foxy Monroe spoke to the empowerment that comes with burlesque. The art form also welcomes a diverse variety of body types. The positive response of the crowd can help performers feel confident about their bodies.

“There is no perfect burlesque body or shape, so that allows it to be more inclusive with the audience. They think, ‘Hey, that performer looks like me and she’s up there rocking it,’” Foxy Monroe explained.



Burlesque is nothing new, but as our culture advances, so does our creativity in expressing ourselves. Modern burlesque dancers like Camilla Bay are incorporating new and fun ideas into their routines, while paying homage to the mothers of burlesque from the past.

Nerdlesque is a new form of burlesque which merges the classic style with a modern fixation on cosplay. Nerdlesque performances like “Return of the Tease,” introduce burlesque to many new people. Those who may not initially be fans of traditional burlesque can enjoy a light hearted, classy introduction to a rather beautiful, but frequently taboo art form.

“I draw inspiration from the things I like. I think that is the beautiful thing about modern style burlesque. You can play with the norm and its not always traditional or classic burlesque,” Takillyah Sunrise shared.

IMG_2527Camilla Bay Burlesque

“I think a lot of people are afraid of burlesque at first, but when you do something like nerdlesque, they already have something in common with it and they go check it out. I can not tell you how many people who have never seen a burlesque show who will come to one of our theme shows and they keep coming back even for our more classical stuff, because they were introduced to it in a way that they can relate to,” Takillyah Sunrise expressed.

Mobilians who have not yet had the chance to experience Camilla Bay Burlesque live will get their opportunity this weekend. The troupe will be performing July 13 at Alchemy Tavern from 10 p.m. – 12 a.m. After MOB Music festival ends at 10 p.m., stroll over to Alchemy to enjoy some cool performance art at a great independent business.

~Explore the link below for more info about Camilla Bay Burlesque~



About the Author:


Anna Sheffield has lived in Mobile, AL for the last 11 years. She has a degree from University of South Alabama in English Literature. She enjoys cycling, her three cats, and disappointing her parents.

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