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Life Hacks: How to be Bra Free in 2018

08 Jul 2018

written by Croma


Life Hacks: How to be Bra Free in 2018

Updated Text by Bioncia Q., Photos Public Domain

Here in Satan’s armpit, ‘ahem’ I mean Mobile, there are extraordinarily high temperatures this time of year. Anything that can be done to offer relief from the heat is welcome. While guys may opt to go fully shirtless in public, women do not have the right to do the same … yet. Feminine options for scorching weather are pretty easy to find. Flowing skirts, shorts, crop tops, backless, sundresses – all these options allow for cool fashion in hot weather.


But, there is another item I have neglected to mention: The Bra. That is right, this padded, multi-layer contraption is often worn all year long. So, with the bra there are at least two layers right at the female core. I suggest for women to ditch the bra all together. In this heat, going braless is more than a feminist statement, it is survival.

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I don’t advise simply jogging around your neighborhood with no support for your ‘dirty pillows’ while wearing a muumuu. Some planning is required to be braless with class. Perhaps most important is having pieces in one’s wardrobe that complement an individual’s shape without sacrificing modesty.



When shopping for clothes to wear with no bra look for:

  • Busy patterns that remove focus from any pointy bits.
  • Additional layers of fabric included, these could be sheer or lace for some heat relief.
  • Textures, which creates a 3-D effect and offers support for smaller chest sizes.
  • Built in support from undershirts or create a high waistline with bottoms.
  • Darker colors to create shadows, making nipples less visible, but remember that dark colors do absorb more heat so go for a lightweight fabric.




Hacks for going Braless:

  1. For shirts with large arm holes consider a bandeau bra. This way you will know no nip-slips or side boob.
  2. Use adhesive strips to cover prominent nipples. This is a budget friendly option that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
  3. Products like stick-on bras, nipple covers, double-sided tape and can come in handy for bra free days. Athletes can opt for trendy titty tape, which is body safe, comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  4. Try a ‘bralette’ for a sexy return to the comfort of training bras. Plus, they are often made of breathable open-work fabrics like lace or crochet. Bye-bye boob sweat!
  5. Moisture can turn bra free stealth into stares after a few moments in the sun, to alleviate this use body powder between your chesticles.
  6. It can be tricky to be braless in conservative environments. For professional or formal events wear a scarf or blazer to keep the wits about your tits.



Even in the past, fashion trends nodded in favor of freeing that mammary meat from the bounds of brassieres. From the hairy hanging hippies of the 60’s, to Beyoncé’s boobie bandanna circa 2000. Going braless is not a modern concept at all. Other countries may not see the bra as a necessity, but in the United States, breasts are hypersexualized to the point of censoring the female nipple or shunning women who chose to breastfeed in public. In my opinion, one’s value in society does not directly correlate to modesty.


While it is difficult to trace the origins of the bra, there were some ‘chest support devices’ patents credited to men as corsets were phased out. Since then, female inventors continued to correct the structure with wire and elastic. Trans or feminine presenting individuals may feel some trepidation about going braless as they may feel a connection to feminine clothing. Wearing a bra does add curves where they may not have been but the device itself can’t hold feminine energy – just skin covered fat cells.

bra patent

Obviously, if you are greatly gifted in the mammary glands, take caution when going bra free. People with larger bounce bags can go bra free as well! Try tops in the halter style or plunging necklines. For a sexier look, go for a tight fitted body suit or even a corset. Trans or feminine presenting individuals should also take part in being braless if inclined to do so. Be brave about it, I have had many conversations about my choice to almost never wear the infamous over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.


Consider going bra free year-round. Doing so is even easier with thick sweaters and layers during colder months. Also, many studies show that a bra is not necessary for most women. By not wearing a bra all the time the muscles in your chest will strengthen by supporting one’s girls and slowing the sagging process. Those who still feel jitters about braless styles should consider trying it at home first to boost their bravery. Above all, ladies should wear what feels comfortable in these sweltering temps and not allow anyone to shame them for staying cool while looking cool.


About the Author:

13900585_10157232854040111_1810145197_n-600x900Bioncia Q. is a senior at USA who studies biology, geology, chemistry and gender studies. Her interests include playing video games, watching horror movies, cuddling with cute animals and musing over the macabre. She has been writing since the sixth grade and her wrote her first novella about exploring the Amazon with conservation biologist Jeff Corwin.






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