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Bartender Profiles: Vapetender Edition

12 Aug 2018

written by Croma


Bartender Profiles: Vapetender Edition

by T. Ryan Borland

In this hopepecial vapetender edition of Bartender Profiles, Mod Mobilian will speak to Jon-Michael Thiroux of independent WeMo business Parlor Vapes. Styled like an upscale lounge, complete with a long bar and comfortable seating, Parlor Vapes is different kind of vaping experience. Seats are lined with leather, and aged wood adorns the display cabinets. A custom made aged wooden rack supports the myriad flavors and brands of eliquid, and the stone bar counter is so glossy one can see their own likeness. The attractive and spotless interior elevates the vaping experience while attracting a more mature audience who prefer to vape in a comfortable setting among like minded individuals.


Another distinction is the location encourages smoking cessation rather than being a so-called ‘cloud store.’ Additionally, customers are not victim to predatory or uninformed selling tactics. Instead, the store provides one on one attention in order to inform customers and better serve their needs. This policy may slow down service during busy hours, but employees are willing to go out of their way to give guests more personalized attention.

FB_IMG_1532042123297 Jon-Michael Thiroux

Vapetender Jon-Michael Thiroux has been a Mobile, Ala. native since 1987. He has several family members in the surrounding Gulf Coast area, and enjoys supporting independent business from LoDa to the Eastern Shore. In the interview below, Thiroux shares his opinion of what makes Parlor Vapes so unique to the area.

Q&A with Jon-Michael Thiroux

  • What is one of the best things about living here on the gulf coast?

“Seeing it grow and change,” Thiroux expressed.

  • One of the worst?

“The humidity,” Thiroux laughed.


  • What do you think Parlor Vapes provides to customers that they might not receive at another vape shop?

“We provide amazing customer service. Because vaping is a new industry, there are a lot of questions, and we like answering those questions as opposed to being annoyed by the customers who come inside. Vaping is a very niche thing so a lot of shops have a mentality of not being very inclusive,” Thiroux explained.


  • Why is inclusivity so important in the vaping business?

“Vaping is a new industry. There is going to be a lot of room for error, new stuff every week, and a lot of work involved. A lot of shops around here don’t have the temperament for that because they are hiring younger staff who don’t care or don’t know the answers to customers questions,” Thiroux said.

  • How would you describe an average night at Parlor Vapes?

“Relaxing, inviting, homely, and humorous. People meet other people here,” Thiroux summarized.


  • What are some of the differences between a vape lounge and a bar?

“People aren’t as intoxicated or as loud. We have had multiple customers become really good friends because they are sitting next to each other talking about the flavors of eliquid they like. The other day I had a full counter of people,” Thiroux described.

  • If people want to know more about vaping, where should they start?

“If you are going to read things online, check your sources,” Thiroux advised.

_MG_0779Sample bottles of Cyclops Vapor eliquid

  • Is it possible to vape and still buy local?

Cyclops Vapor is impressive just on the scale they were previously. Cyclops is based in Fairhope and Daphne, and we were the first shop to carry them, and now they are an internationally known eliquid company. The guy who owns the business is a really good dude,” Thiroux shared.

  • What does customer service mean to Parlor Vapes employees?

“90 percent of our customers are return customers that we see on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of them we know on a first name basis and I can pick out what they are going to ask for before they walk in the door. We have a huge return rate,” Thiroux said.



Parlor Vapes

5053 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36609

(251) 307-5590

Parlor Vapes Facebook





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